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Cilt 11, Sayı 29  Güz 2023  (ISSN: 2147-6489, E-ISSN: )
Asya Filiz, Aysun Doğan

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1672657375 Helicopter Parenting in Emerging Adulthood: An Examination within Self-Determination Theory

Helicopter parenting describes parents who constantly interfere with their children's lives, overprotect them, and try to eliminate problems their children face. It is a parenting style that includes intervention, warmth, and over control dimensions. Although a certain amount of control is indispensable at early ages, it has negative effects on emerging adulthood. The emerging adulthood period is defined as a developmental period in which individuals can define themselves as neither adolescents nor adults, try to discover their identities, and believe that they have endless possibilities. Considering the characteristics of this period, helicopter parenting negatively affects the identity discovery process and thus increases the feeling of being in between. Besides, excessive control, intervention, and assistance cause children to turn into adulthood without developing the necessary skills. In this review the concepts of helicopter parenting and emerging adulthood will discussed and their associations will be examined. It is aimed to review the literature on the effects of helicopter parenting on emerging adults and to examine these effects within the framework of self-determination theory. Based on the outcomes of the studies reviewed, further emphasis has been highlighted on the need for longitudinal and cultural studies on the effects of helicopter parenting. Keywords:
Helicopter parenting, emerging adulthood, self-determination theory, psychological control