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Cilt 10, Sayı 25  Güz 2022  (ISSN: 2147-6489, E-ISSN: )
Fatma Can, Aysun Ergül Topçu, Gökhan Topçu

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1645890249 Romantic Partner Conflict Scale: A Study of Validity and Reliability

The aim of this study is to adapt the Romantic Partner Conflict Scale (RPCS), which was developed by Zacchilli and his colleagues (2009) to measure conflict in romantic relationships, into Turkish. For this purpose, two studies were carried out. In the first study, the Romantic Partner Conflict Scale and the Conflict Resolution Styles Scale (CRSS) were applied to the participants in a romantic relationship (dating, engaged and married). Exploratory factor analysis results with 340 participants (Mage=28.08, SDage=10.56) showed that the scale was suitable for the six-factor structure as in the original: compromise, domination, submission, separation, avoidance, and interactional reactivity. The correlation coefficients between the RPCS and the CRSS ranged from -.23 to .61. The Cronbach's alpha internal consistency coefficients of the subscales of the RPCS range from .76 to .94. In order to confirm the factor structure of the scale, 336 romantic individuals (Mage=25.53, SDage=9.13) participated in the second study. The Relationship Stability Scale and Love Attitudes Scale were applied to the participants along with the RPCS. The results of the confirmatory factor analysis performed to test the scale's factor structure and the correlations with the related variables showed that the RPCS is a reliable and valid measurement tool in evaluating conflict resolution strategies.
Conflict resolution styles, relationship stability, love attitudes, validity, reliability