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Cilt 9, Sayı 22  Kış 2021  (ISSN: 2147-6489, E-ISSN: )
Nur Başakhan UZUN, Ayla HOCAOĞLU

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1617373237 Effects of Breast Cancer on Women's Psychological Health: A Review of Self-Compassion-Based Interventions in Body Image

Research on how breast cancer and its treatment affect women's psychological health is increasing day by day. There is information that the psychological health of women is affected not only in the treatment, but also during the period from cancer diagnosis to the beginning of cancer treatment. In recent years, pre-rehabilitation intervention, which is an up-to-date approach that recommends intervention in this process, comes to the fore. The problems women experience with their body images have an important place in the effects of breast cancer and its treatment on women's psychological health. Body image is defined as a conceptualized state of the emotions, thoughts and behaviors that a person feels about their physical characteristics. In recent years, interventions aimed at reducing body image problems in women with breast cancer have been increasing. Self-compassion is defined as an individual's approach to their flaws with a sincere, caring and warm attitude. The emphasis on the role of self-compassion in reducing the problems that women with breast cancer experience with body images is increasing day by day. Based on this information, in this study, the literature on the problems faced by women with breast cancer with their body image and the role of self-compassion in reducing these problems is reviewed and discussed within the scope of pre-rehabilitation intervention.
Self-compassion, breast cancer survivors, interventions for self-compassion, body image