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Cilt 9, Sayı 19  Bahar 2021  (ISSN: 2147-6489, E-ISSN: )

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1590230504 Variables Associated with Loneliness: Schema Domains, Attachment and Love Attitudes

The aim of the present study is to examine whether the participants with low and high level of loneliness differ in terms of schema domains, adult attachment styles and love attitudes. Examining the mediator role of adult attachment styles and love attitudes between schema domains and loneliness is another aim of the study. The sample of this study consists of 231 participants (160 female, 71 male) between the ages of 17-51. The participants were given Demographic Information Form, along with UCLA Loneliness Scale, Young Schema Questionnaire Short Form, Experiences in Close Relationships Scale and Love Attitudes Scale. The obtained data were evaluated by t-test, Pearson correlation analysis and model test (Bootstrap). According to the results, participants with low and high level of loneliness differed significantly in terms of schema domains (disconection and rejection, impaired autonomy and performance, other directedness and overvigiliance and inhibition), adult attachment styles (anxious and avodiance) and love attitudes (Eros, Ludus and Mania). In model test results of the analysis, anxious attachment style mediates the relationship between other directedness schema domain and loneliness. It was concluded that individuals who have high scores in the other directedness schema domain have high Mania love attitudes and anxious attachment scores, and this situation increased the loneliness of the individuals. The findings are important in understanding the variables that may be associated with loneliness, which is common in society and creates problems in individuals' lives.

Loneliness, early maladaptive schemas, attachment style, love attitudes